Here are some possible options of transportation from Beijing Capital International Airport to the conference/hotel zone.

  • By Taxi: [table id=11 /]
  • By Subway:

Airport Express(Price: CNY25.00) to San Yuan Qiao(三元桥), transfer to Line 10 (Price: CNY 2.00) to Bei Tu Cheng(北土城), and transfer to Line 8 (Free for transfer) to Olympic Park Station(奥林匹克公园). Exit from Exit D (South Eastern Exit), then go south along the river (follow the map below, about 1.2 km).

  • By Airport Shuttle:

Take Airport Shuttle Line No. 5(Price: CNY 16.00), get off at Ya Yun Cun/An Hui Qiao(亚运村/安慧桥) Stop. Then go west along the North 4th Ring Road (北四环路about 500 m) then head north along Beichen East Road(北辰东路, about 600 m).